Food is not waste until it has been wasted!

   Our  Proposal our Mission

THE GOAL of Save The Food Coalition is to have a third precious resource, FOOD, recognized and managed.

Currently single stream recycling and organic waste are two types of resources our city manages via ordinances, recommendations, education and support and the treat of fines if businesses don't comply.

 We're asking the Zero Waste Advisory Commission via an amended URO, have Austin Resource Recovery enforce new rules regarding the diversion of FOOD away from the organics waste stream. It:

 1) Defines “food” as a third  valuable resource. Currently, "food" is considered part of the organic waste category, the same as food scraps and yard trimmings.

 2) Require a separate food diversion plan be submitted to the city, similar to the recycling and organic waste diversion plans that have to be submitted by Feburary 1st every year.

3) Generates a yearend report by all food permitted businesses quantifying the amount of leftover food available and what has been done with it.

THE MISSION of Save The Food Coalition is to see to it that the true value of "FOOD" is maintained from the point a business deems it not of value to them, to it's next highest and best use.


In the back rooms of all our grocery stores, restaurants and catering operations,  food  continues to be thrown in with organic waste and sent to composting facilities  and the landfill. It is HERE that a corrected city ordinance needs to assert it's authority. 

 Currently Austin Resource Recovery offers food permitted businesses "donation" as one of  eight, optional, equally weighted organics diversion choices. Food permitted businesses CAN choose to maintain the status quo of wasting perfectly good food.  If the City of Austin can ban the use of single use plastic bags, if they can mandate the recycling of glass, plastic and metal, if they can mandate organic waste diversion, surely they can recognize the value of food and see to it that IT is not wasted as well.

WE HAVE CREATED A PETITION to bring this urgent issue to everyone's attention including city counsel, and we would love your support in spreading the word and helping us fight hunger and waste in our beautiful city!