Cut and paste.                                                                                                                                                                                                         There are laws protecting donors from liability if in good faith they are donating good food to feed people.              Google Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act 

The following is a website showing the potential food diversion in other cities; yes, but this can happen in Austin  too.

Here is a web site that has the EPAs Food donation hierarchy of need   

Here is a great web page for the City of Austins Office of Sustainability's

The following is a website for my favorite food recovery project. WHAT WE NEED HERE IN AUSTIN

Some not so fun facts;

40% of all the food grown, from field to our refrigerators is wasted.  48% of the produce, 50% seafood, 38% grains, 22% of the meat, 20% of the dairy.  An astonishing 50% of the land used to grow is for wasted food. 80% of the water. 165 billion dollars of food is wasted. 25% of our Austin  kids are food insecure. 17% of Travis county residents. The national average is 14.3%.