The Save the Food Coalition wants to have the Austin City Counsel amend the Universal Recycling Ordinance. The Organics Diversion portion of the ordinance is severely flawed in that it allows FOOD, perfectly suitable for human consumption, to be discarded. Austin Resource Recovery DOES suggest donating the leftovers; but most food related businesses are not listening. Hundreds of ton of food are still being wasted. By council members voting YES to this improved ordinance the whole city will benefit from:

1) a guaranteed flow of a valuable resource; measured and diverted to it's highest and best use 2) we will be addressing a serious food insecurity problem.  3) retailers can benefit from donation tax deduction, low trash hauling cost, ARR rebate for innovative diversion efforts                         SO... LETS              

Define food, quantify it, manage it. If France can do it, we can too; but better.

Feed the people, not the landfill or compost piles!